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Sr No.NamesMeaning
0PadmBaby Lotus
1PariCharitable Prince; Angel
2ParmBeing Supreme
3ParvFestival; Time Frame
5PiarLove; Affection
6PrabModern; God
7PremContent; Love; Bonding; Compassion
9PujaTo Worship
10PadmaLotus Flower
12PahalFacet; Beginning Initiative
13PahulInitiatory Rite of Sikhism; Amrit …
17PannaEmerald; Power; Wisdom
18PanthSavage; Path
19PappyLoving; Kiss
20ParamThe Best; Being Supreme; Primary; …
21ParasTouchstone; Gold Maker; Stone that …
22ParthEmperor of the World; King; …
23ParulGraceful; Name of a Flower
24PashaHumble; Net; Snare; A Name; A …
25PavanWind; Breeze; Father of Lord …
26PavelHumble; Little; Small; Form of …
27PawanWind; Air; Pure; Power-star
28PawitPure; Pious; Holy Person
29PayalFoot Ornament
30PiaraKing of Serpents
31PinkuPink Coloured; Most Beautiful
32PintuRocky; Sun; Fearless; Honest
33PiushNectar; Drink that Makes One …
34PivalA Tree
35PlntuThe Best; Leader
39PrabuLord; God
40PreamLove; Variant of Prem
44PritaDelighted; Joyful
45PrmodHappy; Joyful
46PujanThe Ceremony of Worshipping; …
47PujyaRespectable; Worshipped Person
48PulakJoy; Joyful; Happiness
49PunyaVirtue; Original; Pious; …
51PyaraLoved One
52PaawanPure; Wind
54PaharaMountain; Lotus
55PalvirOne who Face Each Difficulty with …
56PalvitName of Lord Vishnu
57PaneetAdd Meaning
58PaniniThe Great Scholar-grammarian; With …
59PankajLotus Flower; Born from Mud
60ParamaSupreme; Highest; Best
61PardipLight of Moon
62PareshSupreme Spirit; Lord Shiva
63PargatAppearance; One who Blossoms Forth …
64ParhanAdd Meaning
65ParjitAdd Meaning
66ParmitFriend of the Supreme
67ParmodHappiness; Delight; Growth; Lord …
69ParnavAdd Meaning
71ParsanOne who is Happy and Delightful
72ParshuVariant of Parshuram; Name of Lord …
73PartabStrength; Glory; Vigour
74PartapGlory; Vigour; Strength
75PartikMan at War; Yodha; Warrior
76ParvanAcceptance; A Ceremony; Height; …
77ParvazThe Flight of a Bird
78ParvejAdd Meaning
79ParvezSuccess; Name of a Persian King
80ParwanThe Accepted One
81ParwejAdd Meaning
82PatalaGoddess Durga
83PatdevHonourable Lord
84PathanBrave; Strong
85PavanaBeautifying; Purifying; Name of …
89PhoolaKing of Gods; One Blossoming Like …
90PivariA Wife of Sukha
91PiyaliA Tree
92PiyushOur Nectar; Milk; Amrit; Nectar; …
0PoornaComplete; Knowledge about …
1PrabhaThe King; Light
2PrabhuLord; Master; God
3PrachiEast; Morning
4PradipLamp; Truth Light
5PrafulBlooming; Graceful
6PragyaIntelligent; Wisdom; Insight
7PrajitKind; Victory; Conquering; …
8PrajnaWise; Supremely Wise
9PrajotBrightness; Lightning Candle
10PralavFragment; Piece
11PramodHappy; Growth; Happiness; Lord …
12PranabSound of Om; Love; Proud; Lord …
13PranavKing; Intelligent; The Sacred …
14PranayInnocent Love; Romance; Love; …
16PranitModest; Leadership; Leader; …
17PrasadBlessing; Offering to God During …
18PrasanSuccessful; Winner
19PratapDignity; Majesty; Glory; Bravery; …
20PratikShadow; Symbol; God
21PratitFaith in God
22PravinExcellent; Talented; Expert; …
23PrayanMarch; Modern; Supreme …
24PremitLoved One
25PrerakEncouraging; Inspire Others
26PrinceKing; Principal One; Member of …
27PrincyPrince Like
28PritamLover; Beloved; Lord Krishna
29PriyaaFavourite; Beloved; Non-duality
30PriyamLoved by All; Beloved
31PulkitJoy; Happiness; Happy; Thrilled; …
32PuneetPure; Joy; Sacred
34PunitaHoly; Pure
36PunyaaIntelligent; Purification Acquired …
38PaarthaArjuna; Son of Pritha
39PadmajaLotus Born
41PalpeetGo with Time
42PalveerAdd Meaning
43PankajaMud Born; Lotus; Born in Dirt
44PanveerAdd Meaning
45ParbeenCapable; Skilful; Efficient
46ParbhasRebel Star; Lustrous
47ParbjotLight of Guru / God
48PardeepLight of the Home; Mystic Light
49ParjeetOne who can Win Strangers Heart
51ParmaadIntoxicated by Lord's Love
52ParmeetPgod Gift; Wisdom; God Gift
53ParmjitOne who Win a Medal for Bravery; …
54ParmjotGod's Light; Flame of the Supreme
55ParmvirA Brave Man; A Medal of Indian …
56ParneetPeace; Married; Expert in Making …
60ParvatiShiva's Wife
61ParveenExpert; Skilled; Fulfilled; Extra …
62ParwaanThe Accepted One
63PasohraOf Pishawar
64PattabiAdd Meaning
65PatveerRespected Brave One
66PatwantFull of Honour; Respectable; Elite
67PavitarA Pure Individual; Pure; Holy …
68PavitraPure; Pretty Holy
69PirnoorAdd Meaning
70PrabathMorning; Dawn
71PrabhatMorning; Dawn
72PrabjitAdd Meaning
73PrabjotLord's Light; Parmatama the Jot
74PrabtejLight of God / Guru
75PradeepLight; Lamp; Shine
76PradhanChief; Prime
77PrafulaIn Bloom
78PrageetSong; Lyric
79PragnyaScholar; Lord Hanuman
80PrajvalLighting; Flame; Brightness
81PrajwalLight; Bright
82PrakashLight; Enlightened; Light of Sun; …
83PramadaJoy; Pleasure
84PranayaSpiritual Leader
85PranjalHoly Water; Delightful; Simple; …
86PrannoyHandsome; Love; Strong
87PranshuTall; Lord Vishnu
88PrasantCalm and Composed
89PrathamFirst; Lord Ganesh; 1st in All …
90PrathapGlory; Bravery; Dignity; Majesty
0PratitiFaith; Understanding
1PratyekAll; Everyone; Whole
2PraveenExpert in Something; Experienced; …
3PraveshEntry; Good in Look; Entrance
5PreetumBeloved; Loved One
6PrembirBrave in Love
7PremdipLamp of Love
8PremjotLight of Love
10PrempalFosterer of Love; God; Loving …
11PremrajThe King of Love
12PremrasImbued in the Lord's Love
13PremtekSupport of God's Love
15PriteshLord of Love; God; Lord Krishna
17PritpalEarth; Pledge Keeper
18PriyankMoon; Loved One; Name of Lord …
19PrshantCalm; Composed; Peaceful
20PulkeetJoy; Happiness; Happy
21PulkithOverjoyed; Happiness; Joy
22PurajitLord Shiva
24PadamjitVictory of the Lotus
25PadamjotLight of the Lotus
26PadampalProtector of the Lotus
27PanthbirAdd Meaning
28PanthjotLighting for Your Path
29PapinderAdd Meaning
30ParambirThe Greatest of Warriors
31ParamdevA Godly Person
32ParamgatLiberation from All Bonds
33ParamgunHaving Highest Virtues
34ParamhetOf Supreme Love of God
35ParamjasPraises of God
36ParamjitHeroic; Supremely Victorious
37ParamjogOne Uniting with the Highest
38ParamjotThe Highest Light; God's Light; …
39ParamlivAbsorbed in the Highest
40ParamnekHaving the Highest Virtue
41ParampalHighest Success; Caretaker
42ParamrajFirst King
43ParamrasHighest Elixir
44ParamsevServing the Highest
45ParamtatKnowing the Truth of Spirit
46ParamtekSupreme Support
47ParamvirGreat Warrior; Brave
48ParamyogSupreme Union
49ParbhjotGod's Essence
51ParkhashEnlightened; Light of Sun
52ParmdeepThe Lamp of the Divine
53ParmjeetAdd Meaning
54ParmveerGreat Worrier; Great Chivalric
55ParupkarBenevolence; One who Helps Others
56PavanjotLight in Wind; Flammable Wind
57PavinderAdd Meaning
58PavitpalProtector of the Holy Person
59PawanbirAdd Meaning
60PawanjitVictory of Air
61PawanjotLight of Air
62PawndeepAdd Meaning
63PhulwantFull of Flower Fragrance
64PopinderAdd Meaning
65PrabdeepLight of God
66PrabhashRay of Light; Sun
67PrabhbirGod's Brave Warrior
68PrabhdasSlave of God
69PrabhdipGod's Light
71PrabhgunOne Having Godly Merits; God; …
72PrabhjasLord's Praises
73PrabhjitOne who Wins the Love of God
74PrabhjogWorthy of God
75PrabhjotLight of God
77PrabhlokGodlike Person
78PrabhmelUnion with God
79PrabhoatLord's Support
80PrabhpalAdd Meaning
81PrabhrasNectar of God's Love
82PrabhrupEmbodiment of God
83PrabhsevGod's Servant
84PrabhvirAdd Meaning
85PrabjeetLight of the Lord / God
86PrabjothLight of God
87PrabnoorGod's Image; God's Beauty
88PrabveerBrave Devotee of God / Guru
89PrajhvalFlame; Brightness; Lighting
90PrakasanBrightness; Lightning
92PraneethThe Sacred Syllable Om; The …
0PrasanthPeace; Calm; Composed
1PrashantCalm and Composed; Cool; Peaceful
2PratipalThe One who Looks After the World
3PrattushRising Sun; Confident; Early …
4PreethamLove; Sweet
5PreetpalEarth; Pledge Keeper
6PreetrajBeloved Kingdom
7PrembansBelonging to the Family of Holy …
8PremdeepLamp of Love
9PremjeetVictory of Love
10PremjeevLoving Being
11PremleenAbsorbed in God's Love
13PremrangColoured in the Love of God
14PremroopEmbodiment of Love
15PremsukhAttaining Peace through Lord's …
16PremveerLove with Bravely
17PremwantFull of Love
19PrithpalProtector of Earth
20PrithvikEarth; Lord Vishnu
21PritpaalAdd Meaning
22PriyanshPart of a Loved One; Lovable Part …
23PriyansuRay of Sunlight
25PuniteshThe Holy One; Purity
26PupinderLord's Love
27PuranbirAdd Meaning
28PurandarLord Indra
29PuranjotPerfect Light
30PurantekComplete Support
31PushpitaFlowered; Blossomed
32PadampremLove for the Lotus
33PadmalayaLotus Dweller
34PadmashriGoddess of Wealth; Seated in a …
35PalbinderMoments Spent with Lord
36PalminderAdd Meaning
37PalvindarAdd Meaning
38PalvinderMoments Spent with Lord
39PalwinderMoments Spent with Lord
40PankajeetEagle; Garuda
41PanthveerAdd Meaning
42ParamatamSupreme Soul
43ParambodhGreatest Gnostic
44ParamdayaMost Compassionate One
45ParamdeepThe Lamp of the Divine
46ParamdeshHighest Truth / God
47ParamdhanWealth of Naam
48ParamgeetThe Highest Song of Bliss
50ParamjaapMeditation of Supreme God
51ParamjeetHighest Success
52ParamjodhGreatest Warrior
53ParamleenAbsorbed in the Highest; God
54ParammjitAdd Meaning
55ParamnaamSupreme Name
56ParampremSupreme Love
57ParamrangImbued with the Love of Lord
58ParamroopSupremely Beauteous
59ParamsukhSupreme Joy and Bliss; Happiness
60ParamveerThe Greatest Warrior; Heroic; …
61ParamwantHighly Supreme
63ParbhdeepLight of Lord / God
64ParbhnoorApple of God Eyes; Divine Light …
65PargatjotRevelation of the Divine Light
66ParikshitTested; Name of an Ancient King; …
67PariksithSon of Abhimanyu
68ParjinderAdd Meaning
69ParmanandDivine Happiness
70ParmindarKing of Lords; God of Gods
71ParminderGod of Gods
72ParmindrrGod of Gods; King of Lord
73ParmpreetAdd Meaning
74ParsanjitDelighted Victory
75ParshotamBest Person; Great Human Being
76ParvendraAdd Meaning
77ParvindarAdd Meaning
78ParvinderGod of Gods
79ParwinderSupreme God
80PavandeepLamp of Heavens; Firmament …
81PawandeepLamp of Air
82PawanjeetAdd Meaning
83PawanjeevAir; Life
84PawanveerBrave as Air
85PerbinderAdd Meaning
86PerminderGod of Gods
87PervinderAdd Meaning
88PinderjitVictory of the Lord's
89PooranbirPerfect and Brave
90PooranjitVictory of the Perfect
91PooranjotLight of the Perfect
92PrabaljitGod Victory
0PrabhchetAbsorbed in God
1PrabhchitRemembering the Lord by Heart
2PrabhdayaOne for whom God is Merciful
3PrabhdeepGod's Light; En Lighted; The Lamp …
4PrabhdhanOne for whom God's Love is Wealth
5PrabhdyalAdd Meaning
6PrabhgeetSongs of God
7PrabhjeetOne who Wins the Love of God
8PrabhjodhGod's Warrior
9PrabhjoteLight of God
10PrabhjothLight of God / Guru
11PrabhjyotLight of God
12PrabhleenAborbed in God's Love
13PrabhmeetFriend of God
14PrabhnaamAbsorbed in God's Name
15PrabhnoorLight of God
16PrabhrangOne who is Coloured by Lord's Love
17PrabhroopEmbodiment of God; Manifestation …
18PrabhsukhAttaining Peace by Remembering God
19PrabhveerA Brave Devotee of God / Guru
20PrabpreetOne who Loves God
21PrabudassServant of Lord / God
22PragyanshPart of Intelligence / Wisdom
23PranayjotAdd Meaning
24PrasanjitJoy; One who has Won Happiness
26PrashanthOne who is Peaceful; Calm; Lord …
27PrasharanLord's Shelter
28PrathmeshLord Ganesha
29PravendraGod of Gods
30PreeyansuRay of Sunlight; Also Spelt as …
31PremjyotiLamp of Love
32PremkumarAdd Meaning
33PremramanAbsorbed in the Love of God
34PremuttamHaving Highest Love for God
35PrincejitVictorious Prince
36PritambirBrave Beloved
37PritamjitVictory of the Beloved
38PritamjotLight of the Beloved
39PritampalProtector of the Beloved
40PrithvishAdd Meaning
41PritinderAdd Meaning
42PriyakantLord Vishnu
43PunamjeetVictory in Full-moon Night
44PuneetpalFosterer of Purity
45PurandhriLord Shiva
46PurangianComplete Knowledge
47PuranjeetPerfect Victory
48PuranpremComplete Love
49PuransantPerfect Saint
50PuravdeepAdd Meaning
51PurbhjeetVictory with the God
52PurnajeetComplete; Perfect Victory
53PurshotamComplete with Good Nature; Lord …
54PushpreetLove for Flowers
55PuspendraThe White Lotus
56PuspinderThe White Lotus
57PaawanjeetVictory of the Pure
58PadampreetLove for the Lotus
59PahulpreetNature Loving
60PankajdeepLight of Lotus
61PankajsinhAdd Meaning
62ParabhdeepAdd Meaning
63ParamajeetVictory of Supreme
64ParamanandSupreme Bliss
65ParamarathA Spiritual Person
66ParamdheerHaving the Greatest Patience
67ParamesharSupreme God
68ParamgiaanTrue Knowledge
69ParaminderAdd Meaning
70ParamjugatUnion with God
71ParamkamalSupreme Lotus Flower
72ParamnihalHaving the Supreme Happiness
73ParamnivasResident of the Highest Abode
74ParampreetOne who Loves the Lord
75ParamratanHighest Gem
76ParamsevakOne who Serves the Highest
77ParashotamGreat Human Being
78PargatjeetRevelation of the Victory
79ParmeshwarThe Supreme Spirit
80ParmeshwerAdd Meaning
81ParmpartapMajesty; Bravery; Royal King
82ParvandeepAdd Meaning
83PawanpreetLove of Air
84PawansinghAdd Meaning
85PoshpenderAdd Meaning
86PrabhaatamOne whose Soul Unites with God
87PrabhanandOne who Draws Bliss from God
88PrabhcheetRemembering the Lord by Heart
89PrabhdayalAdd Meaning
90PrabhdheerSteadfast in God's Love
91PrabhdhianOne who Contemplates on God
92PrabhgiaanDivine Knowledge
0PrabhmeharOne Blessed with God's Grace
1PrabhnamanGreetings to the God / Lord
2PrabhpreetOne who Loves God
3PrabhramanOne Absorbed in God's Love
4PrabhratanGem of God
5PrabhsevakGod's Servant
6PrabhsimarOne who Remembers God
7PrabhsimerAdd Meaning
8PrabhudevaLord Shiva
9PrabsharanShelter of God
10PrafuldeepMaster Choice; Blooming Lamp
11PrafuljeetBlooming Victory
12PragneswarLord of Intelligence
13PrakashbirFamous and Brave
14PrasannjitOne who has Won Happiness; Joy
15PrathipaalThe Nurturer; The One who Looks …
16PreetambirBrave Beloved
17PreetamjitVictory of the Beloved
18PreetamjotOne who Longs for the Divine Light
19PreetinderAbsorbed in God's Love
20PreetkamalLove for the Lotus
21PreetmohanAttractive and Lovable
22PrembhagatLoving Devotion to God
23PremnivaasOne whose Abode is God's Love
24PremsangatLover of Holy Company
25PrithvijitConqueror of the Earth
26PriveshpalAdd Meaning
27PuranpreetComplete Love
28PurushotamLord Krishna
29PushninderLord's Flowers
30PushpinderPushp means Flower and Inder is a …
31PushwinderAdd Meaning
32PankajpreetLove of Lotus
33ParamaadharTaking the Highest Support
34ParamdharamSuperior Religion
35ParamjeevanLiving the Most Exalted Life
36ParamkeeratOne who Sings God's Glories
37ParamnidhanPossessing the Highest Treasure
38ParamnirmalPurest One
39ParamsaihajSupreme Bliss
40ParamsangatCompany of the Highest
41ParamseetalMost Peaceful and Happy
42ParamshaantHaving the Highest Peace
43ParamsimranHighest Worship
44ParamthakarSupreme Lord
45ParamvicharReflecting on the Lord
46ParidarshanPanoramic View
47PooranpreetPerfect Love
48PrabhadhaarLord's Support
49PrabhcharanTaking Shelter in God's Feet
50PrabhchetanOne who is Aware of God
51PrabhdharamGod is the Religion
52PrabhjeevanOne for whom Remembrance of God is …
53PrabhkeeratOne who Sings God's Glory; Lord's …
54PrabhkirpalGod's Grace
55PrabhnandanAdd Meaning
56PrabhnirmalOne who is Pure Like God
57PrabhsaihajAttaining Tranquillity through God
58PrabhsangatOne who Loves Being with God
59PrabhseetalAttaining Peace through God
60PrabhsharanOne who Takes the Shelter of God
61PrabhsimranOne who Remembers God
62PrabhvicharOne Reflecting on God
63PrakashdeepLight of Lamp; Lighthouse
64PrakashleenImbued in the Light
67PreetamjeetVictory of the Beloved
68PremprakashLight of Love
69PrithamdeepAdd Meaning
70PrithvinderLord of the Earth
71PuneetinderSacred Lord
72PalwinderjotLight of Lord's Moments
73PalwinderpalProtector of Lord's Moments
74ParamprakashSupreme Light
75ParminderpalPreserver of Supreme God
76PrabhatkiranMorning Ray
77PrabhdheerajOne who is Patient for God's Love
78PrabhparvaanOne who is Accepted by God
79PrabhteerathOne for whom God is the Holy Place
80PrasharanbirBrave in the Lord's Shelter
81PupinderjeetVictory with Lord's Love
82PalwinderjeetVictory of the Moments Spent with …
83ParamniranjanMost Immaculate One
84Parram-PreethGood Reputation / Famous
85PreetmohinderLovely and Attractive Lord
86Parminder-SinghGod of Gods
87Pawanpreet-SinghLove to Pure Air
88Prithviraj-SinghA King

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