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Sr No.NamesMeaning
0TegOne who Wields the Sword
1TejBright; Lustrous; A Strong Ray of …
5TanaIssue; Name of the Great Marathi …
6TashKing of Heart
7TeghHoly Place; Sacred Water; Wielder …
8TejaA Light Ray; Prowess; Lord …
9TilkSandal Wood Paste on Forehead; …
10TakshGod Ganesha; Strong; Eyes Like a …
11TalibDivine; Seeker; Another Name for …
13TanaySon of Wind; Son of Gowri …
15TaralLiquid; Honeybee
16TaranRaft; Heaven; The Saviour of All; …
17TariqMorning Star; Name of a Star; An …
18TarunSun; Young; Youth; Tender; Love; …
21TejasSharpness; Brightness; Brilliance; …
23TigerName of an Animal
24TilakAuspicious; Spot of Vermillion or …
25TillaShining One; Form of Thilda
27TimmyOne who Honours God; Form of …
28TinkuWinner; Small; Sweet Flower; …
29TirthHoly Place; Pilgrim; To Go Yatra …
32TaarunYouth; Young; Variant of Tarun
33TabjotAdd Meaning
34TaihalOne who Serves Selflessly
35TajnitAdd Meaning
36TakhatRoyal Thorn; Master of Empire
38TalvinAdd Meaning
39TalvirA Beautiful Gift
41TamangAdd Meaning
42TanbirStrong Body
43TanjotAdd Meaning
44TanmeyAdd Meaning
45TanmitFriend of Body
46TanmoyBody; With an Inspire; Engrossed; …
47TanujaBorn of the Body; Beloved Daughter
48TanvinPossessed of a Body
49TanvirStrong; Enlightened; Smart; He …
50TanwirEnlightening; Illuminating
51TaqdirDestiny; Regard; Esteem; …
52TarangA Wave
53TarlokKing of Three Worlds
54TarmanAdd Meaning
55TarmitAdd Meaning
56TaroonTie; Connexion
57TarsemReceived from Long Waiting; Got …
58TaruthSeeker of Source
59TarzanWhite Skinned Person
60TasvirPicture; Image
61TatjogUnion with the Real
62TatrasElixir of Truth
63TegbirThe Brave Warrior Wielding the …
65TejashFull of Lighting; Brightness
66TejbalOne of Glorious Might
67TejbirBrave and Splendour; Glory of the …
68TejpalProtector of Splendour
69TejvirA Glory of Brave One; A Quick …
70TekbirSupport of the Brave
71TekdevSupport of God
72TekgurGuru's Support
73TekharLord's Support
74TekjitOne who Wins Lord's Support
75TekjotSupport of the Divine Light
76TeknamOne who Takes Support of the …
77TekpalOne who Protects the Support
78ThakurLeader; God; King; Master
79TirathSacred Place
80TirlokThree Worlds
82TrikalExisting in the Past; Present and …
83TrimanWorshipped in Three World's; …
84TripalProtector of Three Worlds
85TripatFulfil; The Holy Trinity; Pure / …
86TusharWater Drops; Frost; Mist; Snow; …
88TajbeerCrown of a Brave / Knight; Always …
0TajmeetAdd Meaning
1TajveerBrave King; Hero of the Land
2TakdeerOf Great Fortune; Destiny; …
3TakshivBrave as Lord Shiva
4TalveenImbued in Colour
5TandeepInner Soul; Light
6TaneeshAmbition; Lord Shiva
7TanishkDiamond; Gem
8TanjeetOne who Conquers Your Soul; Winner …
9TanmeetAdd Meaning
10TannishJewel; Diamond
11TanveenAdd Meaning
12TanveerBrightness; Eng-lightened; Rays of …
13TanveshAdd Meaning
14TanweerEnlightening; Illuminating
15TanzeerAdd Meaning
16TaqdeerDestiny; Regard; Esteem; …
17TardeepDiva (candle) of Water
18TarjeevLife of Redemption
19TarleenAdd Meaning
20TarnbirWarrior of Redemption
21TarndipLight / Lamp of Redemption
22TarnjitVictory over Bondage
23TasneemA Fountain of Paradise
24TatchetRemembering the Real
25TatleenAbsorbed in the Ultimate Truth
26TatrangImbued in the Colour of Truth
27TatshayAuspicious; Word from Mantras / …
29TavnishAdd Meaning
30TeerathHoly Place
31TegbeerBrave and Fast
32TegmeetSwords Lover
33TejasvaSharp; Bright
34TejaswiRadiant Personality
35TejbeerGlory of the Brave One; Also Spelt …
36TejbhanSun of Splendour
37TejdeepLight of Splendour
38TejjyotAdd Meaning
39TejmaanGreat Glory and Honour
40TejnaamGlory of the Lord's Being
41TejpaalSplendour; Projector of Vigour
42TejveerFast and Brave
43TejwantFull of Splendour
44TekdeepLamp which Gives Support
45TekjeetOne who Wins Lord's Support
46TekmeetFriendly Support
47TekraamLord's Support
48TekroopEmbodiment of the Lord's Support
49ThalbirHeroic Fighter; Brave Warrior
50ThirathReligious Place
51ThirbirA Steadfast and Brave Warrior
52TikaramLord Rama
54TrupeshSatisfaction; Angel of Death
56TuvijatLord Indra
57TajenderGod of Grandeur
59TajindarSplendour of God
60TajinderSplendour of God
61TajpreetHappy Always
62TaksheshLord Ganesha; Eye Like a Pigeon
63TaminderAdd Meaning
64TanmohitThat would Touch Our Heart
65TanpreetAdd Meaning
66TapanbirBrave and Warm
67TapanjitVictory of Warmth
68TapanjotLight of Warmth
69TapanpalProtector of Warmth
70TapinderGod of Devotion
71TaradeepAdd Meaning
72TaranbirWarrior of Redemption
73TarandipLight / Lamp of Redemption
74TaranjitVictory over Bondage
75TaranjotLight of Redemption
76TaranpalProtector of Redemption
77TaranvirWarrior of Redemption
78TarnjeetVictorious Saviour
80TarunpalProtector of Youthfulness
81TashveenAmbitious; Loveable
82TatgiaanKnowledge of Truth
83TatramanOne who Cherishes Truth
84TatratanGem of Truth
85TavinderAdd Meaning
86TejasmanSharpness; Brightness
87TejasvarBright; Sharp
88TejasvinOne who has Tej; Brilliance
0TejenderSource of Energy
1TejendraThe Lord Sun
2TejindarGod of Grandeur
3TejinderGod of Splendour / Grandeur
4TejkaranBright Warrior
5TejpreetGlory of Love
6TejsinghA Strong Ray of Sun
7TekpreetSupporting Love
8ThaldeepLamp of the World
9ThalraajKing; Master of the Planet
10ThanveerAdd Meaning
11ThirmaanOne of Unwavering Mind
12ThirnaamOne who Finds Rest in Naam
13ThirpremOne whose Love is Steadfast
14TigvijayBiggest Victory
15TrishaanLord Krishna
16TulsidasA Famous Saint
17TahibveerAdd Meaning
18TajasjeetWinner of Light
19TaljinderGift of God
20TalvinderAdd Meaning
21TalwindarDesire for the Love for Lord
22TalwinderDesire for the Love for Lord
23TanupreetExact Love
24TaranbeerHeaven; Raft
25TarandeepLamp of Redemption
26TaranjeetAdd Meaning
27TaranveerBrother of Heaven
28TarlochanStar of Eyes; Three / Third …
29TarminderAdd Meaning
30TarnpreetMade by the Pureness
31TarundeepLight of Sun; Young; Youth; …
32TarunjeetVictory of the Youthfulness
34TarunveerAdd Meaning
35TarvinderAdd Meaning
36TatchetanOne who is Aware of the Real
37TatvicharOne who Reflects the Ultimate …
38TejasinghAdd Meaning
39TejasveerIntelligent; Someone Full of Light …
40TejdharamGlory of Righteousness
41TejeswaraFull of Brightness
42TejpartapGlory - Splendour
43TejpratapGlory and Splendour
44TejwinderGod of Grandeur
45ThakurjotLight of the Lord Master
46ThakurpalPreserver of the Lord Master
47ThakurtejGlory of the Lord Master
48ThakurtekOne whose Support is the Lord …
49ThalbhoopMaster of the Planet
50ThirthpalHoly Place
53TribhavanKing of the Three Worlds
54TribhawanHoly Garden
55TrilochanOne with Three Eyes; Lord Shiva; …
56TripatjotSatisfying Light
57TrishneetAdd Meaning
58TulasiramAdd Meaning
59TaliwinderDesire for the Love for Lord
60TapanpreetLove for Warmth
61TaranpreetAdd Meaning
62TarunpreetLove for Youthfulness
63ThakurchetRemembering the Lord Master
64ThakurjeetWinning the Lord Master's Love; …
65ThakurmeetFriend of the Lord Master
66ThakurnaamRemembering the Lord Master's Name
67ThirdhiaanMeditation on Lord Unwaveringly
68TirathraamSacred Place of the Lord
70TrishanbirCraving for Bravery
71TrishanjotLight of Craving
72TushvinderAdd Meaning
73TajinderbirBrave Splendour of God
74TajinderpalProtector of Splendid God
75TajmanpreetCrown of Head
76TejinderpalProtector of Splendid God
77TrishandeepCraving Lamp
78TrishanjeetVictory for Craving
79TajinderdeepSplendid Light of God
80TajindermeetSplendid Friend of God
81TajinderpremLove for Splendid God
82TirthrajsinhKing of Holy Place
83TrishanpreetLove for Craving
84TajinderpreetLove for Splendid God
86Tejveer-SinghGlory of Brave One; Bright Emperor …
87Tarndeep-SinghA Small Lake
88Tajwinder-SinghKing of Heart

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